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01_introoooo.mp386405665 Byte. One hour on the same theme?! This was the introatmosphere we let run before we really started with the set. Though it lasts one hour I doubt, that there is any real repetion in this piece.
Technical stuff: It consists of a 11-bar chord sequence (JX3P); a five note arpeggio on the Korg MonoPoly which was set to different octavas for each of its four oscillators and it was clocked by a 7 step trigger from the 808; and a 16th arpeggio on the SH101. All voiceovers are from www.freesound.org
02_part-ooone.mp311597448 Byte. Eight Minutes of some japanese new wave inspired track.
Technical stuff: Basic chord thing is a sustained chord on my JX3P through the SL-20 Slicer. The drums are TR-808 through Bitrman with bit reduction. The sequence is Christians 303 clone. Arpeggio is the SH-101. Chord inserts from christians JX3P
03_beeleejeen.mp313157899 Byte. Nine Minutes. The name of the take corresponds to a song from a known addict to aesthetic surgery.
Technical stuff: The name giving bass figure is the SH101 sequencer which interacts congenially with the 303 line. Drums are 808 (through bitrman) and XBase09.
04_jellybean.mp313157899 Byte. Another nine minutes. Some trance like stuff. The filter movements at the beginning and at 4:00 were added while the postproduction.
Technical stuff: Basic chord is a chord sequence from the JX3P clocked by an 808 shaker trigger on each first beat of a bar. Bassline is SH101 and 303-clone (hey, these two really act as if they were gilbert and george). Hi strings and similar stuff from Christians JX3P; chord inserts in the second half (some sequence like and the ones with looong reverb) from MonoPoly in chordmemory mode. Drums are Xbase09, Ableton Live, 808.
05_ya_know_push.mp348937295 Byte. Thirtythree minutes from the end of the session. In german we would say "die Abfahrt". Unfortunately we did not record the audience, so you cant hear the crowd screaming.
Technical stuff: All from above... ;-)
06_presession_Track1.mp3Duration 11'00, Filesize 10552342 Byte, around 110 bpm. This is one of three tracks I recorded in preparation of the session to show Christian my intentions. It is the only sketch, which was used somehow in the final set (compare the second half of 01_introoooo.mp3)
07_presession_Track2.mp38803601 Byte, around 160 bpm. Another sketch. Drum and base like style. Not used in the set.
08_presession_Track3.mp3Duration 8'18, Filesize 7963085 Bytei, around 133 bpm. A third sketch very much in the manner of 05_ya_know_push.mp3, but faster. Also this one didn't make it into the set - but only because it uses the Doepfer A-100 (the main bass sequence is coming from it). I had taken the A100 with me, but finally I could not use it because I had no space to set it up.
You may use this music for free under the following conditions: Creative Commons License