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Click here to play Bassy_Repetition.mp3Duration 8'26, Filesize 20229506 Bytes.
Some repetitive lower mid tempo piece (around 80bpm) in late berlin electronic style
Click here to play Broken_Tracks.mp3Duration 8'26, Filesize 20248197 Bytes
A little similar to the piece befor. around 78 bpm
Click here to play Moogie_Baby_Dance.mp3Duration 13'39, Filesize 32767240 Bytes
Not as dancable as the title might make you think, but neverthe less moogy. 92 bpm
Click here to play Omnisphered_Waves.mp3Duration 8'56, Filesize 21430095 Bytes
from japanese temple percussion to fully fledged synth walls and back. No beat.
Click here to play Retro_Rocket.mp3Duration 8'52, Filesize 21287984 Bytes
two melodies entwine around each other, over the ground of a midtempo 80ies bassline. (102 bpm)
Click here to play Scary_Mellows.mp3Duration 8'26, Filesize 20243088 Bytes
If gino vanellis "wild horses" chords would meet a hidden drum'n'base beat, it might sound like this. 80/160 bpm
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