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Click here to play rotesonne_Take_2.mp3First part of the full uncut stereo live recording; around 2 hours; Filesize 175MBytes
Click here to play rotesonne_Take_3.mp3Second part of the live recording; another 50 minutes; Filesize 72MBytes
Click here to play take_2_1.mp3Outtake 1 from first part. Unfortunately there is a 25 second pause in the beginning. I will provide a corrected version soon. Filesize 14MBytes
Click here to play take_2_2.mp3Outtake 2 from first part; Filesize 4.9MBytes
Click here to play take_2_3.mp3Outtake 3 from first part; Filesize 7.8MBytes
You may use this music for free under the following conditions: Creative Commons License